awareness training program for employees

  • Quoting should be less than 10% of the entire paper.  Paraphrasing is necessary.
  • Students must cite and reference at least 4 credible sources from the KU Library.
  • Please be sure to download the file “Writing Center Resources” from Doc Sharing to assist you with meeting APA expectations for written Assignments.
Imagine that you are an administrator for a large hospital.  You have been asked to develop a diversity awareness training program for employees of the facility.  Please follow the instructions below in completion of this multi-part assignment.
Competency Assessed
Evaluate the culture of a department
Appraise two theories on organizational culture that relates to healthcare. Provide a complete paragraph for each of the two theories on organization culture that you selected to appraise.
Select the theory that you find most relevant, and justify your decision by reflecting upon how you would foster culture within a department you lead.  Provide a reflection paragraph that includes your justification of the most relevant theory, along with your ideas for fostering culture within a department.
Assess how cultural issues affect health, healthcare quality, cost, and HIM
You will demonstrate cultural competence and self-awareness by investigating two minority, marginalized, or vulnerable populations that have potential issues with healthcare quality, cost and access. Appraise the possible assumptions, biases, and stereotypes that they may encounter, and critique the relationship between these challenges and healthcare quality, cost, and access. Provide a complete paragraph for each of the two two minority, marginalized, or vulnerable populations that you selected to investigate.
Additionally, provide a reflective summary paragraph in which you judge your own self-awareness of cultural competence/diversity.
Create programs and policies that support a culture of diversity
Develop a diversity awareness training program for health professionals. Your training program should articulate the need for diversity awareness and educate the workforce on best practices in healthcare. The program must cover diversity issues related to age, race, sexual orientation, education, work experience, geographic location, and disability.  Your diversity awareness training program must include a minimum of ten lesson titles with an overview and purpose for each lesson.  This information should be presented in an outline format.
Lesson Title
Lesson Purpose (Two to three sentences)
Lesson Overview (Three to five sentence)
Create programs and policies that support a culture of diversity
In your diversity awareness training program, you must conjecture on Federal regulations related to diversity in the workplace (e.g., ADA, EEOC).

direct costs and variable costs

Describe the difference between direct costs and variable costs. Consider how a healthcare manager might use this information in making decisions. How might you, as a healthcare manager use cost allocation method to assign costs to support activities to patient services?

Project Risk Management Matrix

The purpose of this assignment is for the team to identify risk items related to the Team Garage project. The team will assemble the collection of project risks into an assessment matrix that can be used by the project manager (PM) to track and manage risks. The risk matrix must be submitted in Excel format and must include a the following list of seven columns.

1. Risk Description
2. Risk Category – Used to group risks (human resource, budget, vendor, Etc.
3. Impact in terms of Cost, Time, Scope.
4. Probability of Occurrence – The likelihood of occurrence rated on a 1 to 10 scale.
5. Response Strategy – Accept, transfer, or mitigate.
6. Contingency Plan – Outline the steps that will be taken if risk occurs.
7. Owner – Who is keeping an eye on the risk event and will take the point if it occurs

The Importance of Being Earnest

I would like to have two separate documents.

#1 Write a response paper that evaluates the use of humor in The Importance of Being Earnest. To what end does Wilde employ humor? Is the play always funny?

#2 Do Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories just provide entertainment value or do they tell us something about Victorian culture?
Sherlock Holmes stories: “The Copper Beeches,” “The Speckled Band,” “Engineer’s Thumb”

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2-3 Pages Double Spaced 12 font




An investigation of Google has found it systematically pays female employees less than their male counterparts, US Department of Labor officials said, a claim that adds to allegations of gender bias in Silicon Valley.

The Labor Department found the gender-pay gap during a routine probe into whether Google, a federal contractor, is complying with laws that prohibit contractors from discriminating against applicants or employees. The department is suing Google to compel the company to disclose more compensation data for its investigation. At a procedural hearing before a federal administrative law judge in San Francisco, Labor Department Regional Director Janette Wipper said the agency “found systemic compensation disparities against women pretty much across the entire workforce” at Google.

-Use this two longer and more in-depth recent articles about the issue in question. The longer stories you find must be fully cited in your paper and should be used to back up your arguments.

1) Start your paper with a short summary that describes the issue in detail.

2) Address some or all:

-Identify the social problem, political controversy, and/or market failure that is at the root of the issue.

-Why might the public, or a portion of the public, believe that there should be a governmental solution to the issue? Or, is there really a problem at all?

-Is it practical or necessary for government to find a solution to the controversy or problem? If so, who in government would be able to offer a solution? Or, who/what outside of government could offer a solution?

3) Consider proposing your own solution, but be sure to discuss whether it would be practical or realistic.

how feudal Japan and feudal Europe are both similar and different

Write an informative article describing how feudal Japan and feudal Europe are both similar and different. Remember, your goal is to teach museum visitors how feudal Japan and Europe compared. Your article should include:

  • a minimum of two paragraphs
    1. similarities and differences between how feudalism formed in medieval Europe and Japan
    2. similarities and differences between feudal society in medieval Europe and Japan (ex. social hierarchy, bushido versus chivalry)
  • at least five of the key terms listed below
  • a concluding statement that summarizes your main points
  • feudalism
  • bushi
  • shoen
  • fief
  • rural
  • urban
  • emperor
  • shogun
  • daimyo
  • samurai
  • peasant
  • artisan
  • merchant
  • king
  • lord
  • knight
  • vassal
  • serf
  • hara-kiri
  • bushido
  • chivalry

Challenges Hindering the Accessibility of Tanzania’s Health Service: A Literature Review”

The topic is: “Challenges Hindering the Accessibility of Tanzania’s Health Service: A Literature Review”

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You should write 8 pages.

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I have attached an article as your reference design for you to write an article but you should not copy or use any information from this attached article because the article is below the standard of a professional research article

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